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About us

Published in May 1999

The removal of the 'Iron Curtain' between East and West in the 1990īs was also felt in the area of cryptozoological research. Particularly for Germany, it became possible to meet and get to know people who had previously been familiar only through letters or publications. New contacts were made between people in east and west Germany.

For the first time, cryptozoological material became available to researchers from western Germany which had previously been either unobtainable or unknown; for example - the soviet publications which had been reprinted in German Democratic Republic magazines. Likewise, east Germans were now able to obtain the entire range of western literature. Due to this new development, a group interested in unknown Eurasian primates was able to get together. We considered that enough subject literature, as well as theoreticians, existed already and it was time to do practical field research.

After the relaxation inspired by the Gorbatschov-Era, some friends of our group were able to travel to Russia in 1990 and, specifically, to the Caucasus. Travelling by car, they visited several areas of Russia, including the Caucasus, and journeyed over the mountains through Georgia to Abkhazia. This journey supplied valuable information about future study areas, but no-one could foretell that one of the areas, the Caucasus, would become a war-zone, border would be closed and, even to this day, that the border between Georgia and Abkhazia would be mined.

In 1993, field work was started by a German team in the area of the old Soviet Union. The primary aim of this work group was to keep us informed about Russian publications in the area so that we could make our own judgement about developments and since then we have spent several months every year studying the situation.

At the same time it was decided to form an official cryptozoological organisation in Germany, similar to those already existing in other countries. Some time later we found, that the organisational aspects of long-term field research were fraught with problems. Also in view of differences with the Russian Society of Cryptozoologists (RSC) it was decided to postpone the establishment of a German society of cryptozoology. Our main aim is field research, that conforms to the general principals of zoological field-work. We are today a group of friends, enlarged by Germans who participated in the field work, resident in Russia. Since 1997 we have called ourselves the Study Group of Sub-Human Primates (SGP).

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