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  Secrets of Cryptozoology.  By Nikolaj Nepomnjaskshij. Veche, Moscow, 2003. 382 pp. (in Russian)
   Reviewed by Andreas Braun

Nepomnjaskshij is a well-know author of cryptozoological  books in Russia. He is also known to the Russian audience through appearances in television, where he serves as a specialist on the topic. The first half of his new book is dedicated solely to the problem of the "Snowman". Just as in his earlier books, this is a selection of material from Russian and Western publications. Reports from Russian periodicals are contained in the book, which might not be easily accessible for a foreigner. Therefore, this book is also important for the western reader.
It contains noteworthy eye witness reports from the Urals and reprints from the many publications of Maya Bykowa. The report from Gabriel Ziklauri, published in 1988 in a Russian journal, is reprinted in its entirety. According to Ziklauri's report, at the beginning of the 20th century, he was a teenager alone in a boat when he drifted off course on the coast of the Caspian Sea. He was stranded in a place unknown to him, which today is the border area between Azerbaijan and Iran. There, he stumbled into a  group of  wild forest people, who were living like in the Stone Age. He lived with them two years. Maya Bykowa tool Ziklauri's report for serious. Some of Nepomnjaskshij’s earlier books also deal with the Snowman  problem:

  Exotical Zoology (Moscow, 1997), The Zoo of the Wonderful Things of our Planet (Moscow, 2000), Neanderthals alive? (Together
  with Alexander Novikov and Dina Vinogradova, Mosow, 2003) is particularly noteworthy here. The most significant  results  of  the
  the field  research in Russia are not contained in Nepomnjaskshij's books, because he does not belong to the inner circle of the
  Moscow  'hominologists'  who know about these results.

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