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ew experiences in 1998

Koffmann did not come to the Caucasus in the Summer of 1997. In October, she took part in an event to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Patterson-Gimlin film at the Darwin Museum in Moscow. But in the Summer of 1998, there were two brief meetings with Koffmann by members of the SGP in the Caucasus. During a police check not far from her base, the two Beyers coincidentally and unexpectedly met Koffmann. She came up to them both and blurted out, "I'm the boss of the Caucasian expedition!". Beyer explained briefly from where they had come and where they were going to. Koffmann turned away without saying a word. She wore a khaki coloured vest which was covered with so many medals that they reached down to her stomach.

A few weeks later the Beyers visited Koffmann at her base to collect some personal equipment which Hans-M. Beyer had left there in 1996. Unexpectedly, this time Koffmann was polite and particularly friendly. Suddenly, she even invited them for tea and asked about the results of their work. But the meeting only lasted for a few minutes. During the same time, the members of the SGP working in the Caucasus learned that Koffmann had intensified her activities against the Germans. After she had recognised, that the German group, despite many problems, were continuing their work in the Caucasus, she started a propaganda campaign against the Germans among the local public authoritys and people. Koffmann knew the local situation intimately and how best to create mistrust against foreigners. Some locals, thos the Germans were friendly, met them now with "frozen faces". Not long before, Koffmann had visited them, told their neighbours. Under the present conditions in the Caucasus, it is difficult to foresee what the consequences of this propaganda might be. That means additional problems for the work of the German group and an increased risk for their personal safety. In 1998, the SGP received confirmation of their suspicions about Koffmann's intentions and tactics against the Germans.

Member of the German team in the Caucasus. View to Elbrus.


   Member of the German team in the Caucasus.


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